Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am currently taking some photography classes and this week we had an assignment to bring in a 8x10 photography that was on a face. That was it, so other specs. I ended up missing class because I was working, but since I had my picture all ready to go I figured I would save it as this weeks subject. So your thoughts? To me the composition is okay. I wish I had not cut of the top of this young guns hat, but other than that I think he has good position, decent lighting and good looking room. My only issue was one that I did not see until I blew this up to 8X10. I shot this in a backyard with a small aperture to blow out the background, but what I see in the background is a 5 - gallon bucket that was sitting there. I did not see it when I first reviewed the photo, and to be honest, I did not see it until it was framed. But now that I see it...boy do I see it! That is all I see, and if you are like my husband, now that I have pointed it out...it will be all you see also. So lesson learned. Even on a blown out background, I need to look - look - and look again!

Well happy shooting to you all. Next week I will be working on another assignment for my class. I have to mimic a famous photographers work, we'll see how that goes.

God Bless!