Monday, April 26, 2010

04 24 2010 - Seymore at Rest

In case you have not guessed, which I know you have, I love taking pictures of my pets. They are always available, although not always willing, which makes them great for practice.

04 23 2010 - The Orange Birdhouse

This birdhouse picture makes me wonder what birds may be living in it. I loved the lush green foliage that was around it.

It is another simple item that just strikes me for some reason. Maybe a new little bird family will frown up in this house.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

04 22 2010 - Sida at Slumber

Just for the record, I got in trouble with the husband for this one! My little dog SidaLeigh loves to sneak into my bed after I get up in the morning. She knows she is not really supposed to do it, so when I catch her she goes limp and lets me move her around however I want. This allowed me to tuck her in and prop her up for this cute photo.

04 21 2010 - Sucker for Flowers

This image was of a poppy that was blooming in my garden. I named the photo Sucker for Flowers because that is what I am. I love them and I love to photograph them. I got this image while I was sitting out in dusk trying to get bird photos. My ISO was cranked up to 500, which to be honest is a little strong for me. I like 100 and that is, but when that is not an option I try to never go as high as 500 because my images get a little too much grain in them. This is a prime example, but since I am a sucker for flowers, I had to try get the picture even if it meant getting a little grain with it

04 20 2010 - Precious Angel

A simple yard statue can have some drama and be touching if you take time to look at your surroundings. How many times do we walk by precious and special things without even taking stock of them. This garden statue is such an item. It was at my mother’s house. It could have been sitting there for a day or for 10 years and I would not know the difference, but when I really looked I saw how pretty it really was. Take time to really see what is in your environment, you may be surprised like I was at what you find. 

04 19 2010 - And I loose credit again

No excuse this day, I just did not take any pictures.

04 18 2010 - I did take photos, I promise

Okay, I took a bunch of pictures but all just documentary (my father-in-law's birthday party).  Even though I don't think he would mind if  I posted some, I am not going to.  So I get credit because I did take the pictures right? 
To be honest, I took them with my point and shoot camera.  Sometimes convenience overcomes art!

04 17 2010 - Ducks in Flight

This is why I do not delete images in camera. This was an impulsive grab of my camera after two ducks came flying by a pier I was sitting on. I grabbed my camera and snapped - knowing it was a mess. When I saw it a little bigger though, I loved it! This is a picture that I could seen blown up and put on canvas and made into a piece of art, which may be just what I do with it!
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

04 16 2010 - The Fallen Tree

This is a fallen tree that was lying in pasture. I loved the drama of it and I can only imagine what it may have looked like when it was standing. I took this picture standing on the side of a busy road after U-turning to get back to it after it captured my attention.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

04 15 2010 - Flair as Art

I had blogged a while back about flair (those bright spots of light that look like imperfections in photos) and if it could be artistic or not. I try to get flair in some of my photos on purpose because I just like what it does to the picture and I feel it adds a touch of mystery to the photos.
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04 14 2010 - Yep, I missed another one

My bad my bad

04 13 2010 - Joseph

Just a precious baby. A candid moment after a bath.
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04 12 2010 - A Mess Up I liked

It happens, I blow photos all the time, but it seems like sometimes those off the wall mistakes are more interesting. I wanted to capture a picture of these flowers, but I jerked the camera when my cat got in on the action. I thought that this was a horrible shot, but it actually became my favorite of the bunch. That is one reason why I almost never delete photos in my camera. You never know what you may get until you see it on the 'big' screen.
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04 11 2010 - Harder than it Looks

I know some people can photography flying insects. This big bumble bee took several several snaps to try to get a clean photo of him (or her). It was much harder than I thought it would be to take a picture of a bee.
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04 10 2010 - A Fleeting Dogwood Bloom

Dogwoods seem to come and go so quickly so I always try to capture their delicate blooms while they are out and pure white. Now, the tree this was taken of is solid green without a touch of white. But that is why I love photographs, they let you save moments.
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04 09 2010 - Three for one

I am getting good. I will totally catch up my handful of missed days at this rate :) So here are two pictures that show the differences between color and black and white. Both are striking in their own way.

The last photo was of the duckies being shy and hiding - even ducks can be difficult subjects.

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04 08 2010 - Two for one?

Okay, can I make up with missed days by posting extra photos? Hmmm? That okay? I hope so - I think that is the plan.

This flower was growing in the wild. I bumped the aperture up so I could get the blown out background and I went for an angle to try to add to the drama.

The other, is a blue-eyed duck. As I posted on Facebook I never knew that ducks could have blue eyes, but then again I don't think I ever thought about it.
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04 07 2010 - Best of the far

Okay, this is my favorite picture in a long long time. This one was taken off the exit going to my house over I-65 in Alabama.
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04 05 2010 - Photo Drive

When I need to de-stress and relax, I like to go on long photo drives. This was a quick during lunch drive and I found an obscure road with a nice bridge over this scene. All the green is a bit much, but that is why I like it.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

04 04 2010 - Easter

Meet my nephews, Will and Joseph, and my niece Colleen. They were my little models on Easter morning when I got this picture.
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04 03 2010 - Chimney Rock

Here is Chimney Rock at Lake Martin on an oddly quiet day. This summer it will very busy here and I may be able to get a picture of someone taking a dive off the rocks.
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04 02 2010 - Sunset 2

Here is how the light bounced back against the clouds after it ducked below the horizon. Amazing
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04 02 2010 - Sunset 1

Here is a dramatic sunset...check out the next post and what happened after the sun went down.
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04 01 2010 - And again...Oooppppssss

Sorry I missed again :)

03 31 2010 - Punch

I love this picture of my parent's dog Punch. His brother and long time companion had passed away before I grabbed this picture of him. His eyes were so expressive, I just love how he looks.
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03 30 2010 - Old Building

This abandoned building mars downtown Montgomery, but there is something about it that always grabs my attention. It is just so messy.
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03 29 2010 - Oops...I missed again!

No one said a 365 Photo blog would be easy!  I missed again :(

03 28 2010 - Tebow

Not a great picture, but I can not post one dog and not the other! These are my parent-in-law's children.
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03 28 2010 - Spud

Getting doggies to pay you attention can be challenging, but that is the best part of using digital cameras - you can snap so many that would should get a good picture!
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03 27 2010 - Simple Sailing

This is a simple fairly monochromatic photo, but I love the simplicity of it.
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03 26 2010 - Sunset at Gantt Lake

I love sunset pictures. Setting up on a tripod and dragging your shutter speed can help you get enough light in to add a little depth to your picture.
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