Monday, April 19, 2010

03 20 2010 Fallon

This is my second cousin, Fallon Griffin. This picture was taken is a busy living room while she was being held by my mother. I got as close as I could with my 50 mm fixed and snapped this of her. I had my SB600 flash off to the side which lit just her and darkened the background.
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03 19 2010 - Granddaddy

I got this picture of my Granddad when he was sitting outside enjoying his swing. He just watched me as I walked around snapping pictures. He seemed to enjoy having me take his picture. I love the simplicity and I may convert this to a simple black and white one day.
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03 18 2010 - Hmmmm did I miss again

I did not think I missed the 18th, but...I sure can't find a pic for it.  Hmmmmm better check the point and shoot.

03 17 2010 - Sida in her Snuggie

Sida in her Snuggie, can I say anything else about this?
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03 16 2010 - Callie, One Mad Cat

This is one of my two cats, Callie. She was a rescue (sort of...). The first time I put medicine on her, she got very upset about it so I decided it would be a great idea to make her more upset by photographing her. If looks could kill...
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03 15 2010 - Tiny Daffodils

These tiny daffodils pop up in my yard every spring. They are very small and delicate and I love how they almost seem shy. I took this picture laying on the ground with my camera on the ground, slightly tilted to add a little angle to the shot. I had my aperture as low as it could go to blur the foreground and the background.
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03 14 2010 Lake Martin

I popped off this shot on a cloudy day at Lake Martin off of a floating dock. There was enough light to get a pretty still shot while hand holding. I used a touch of RAW clean up to enhance it and clean it up a bit.
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03 13 2010 - Seymore in RAW

This picture was taken quickly while one of my cats was playing in my kitchen, attacking some fishing line that was out. I grabbed my camera and snapped without taking time to really fix lighting (which is impossible sometimes in a pinch), but this is why I shoot in RAW format. I was able to recover the pic to a decent level.
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03 12 2010 - Suprise in my camera bag

I try to always keep something interesting in my bag to grab kids (or pets) attention. Getting those little eyes to focus on an black lens is hard work and things like this help.
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