Saturday, January 24, 2009

I ate too much

Just a funny, I thought my washing machine looked like it was sick! :)~

Angel on your Wing

I caputured this pic in a cemetary in Montgomery.
I have to give credit to a lady in my last photo class who
had taken a similiar picture. I thought it was so pretty that
I wanted to try to shoot it also. I caught the vapor cloud
from a jet that had flown overhead. I love the color and I thought it was a cool pic.

Topic for last week: Learning

Last week I wanted to take a picture that would represent 'Learning'. I had to take my SPHR exam. I had to study, study, study and I wanted to capture the momenet somehow. I was sitting at my computer desk when I saw the moment to capture. I noticed that the sun was coming in and shining through the blinds onto my paper and my book. I stood up in my chair and took a picture of it.

This weeks Pratts assignment is to capture something that shows 'smiles'.

God Bless!