Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Working on my DAM Problem

Okay, I think I have 2/3rds of my DAM problem worked out. To bring you up to speed, the goal is to have 3 copies of any pictures I have so if something bad happens, I have them backed up. I shoot too much to store everything on my computer, so that is not an option. Right now I have all my pictures backed up on 2 external hard drives. 1 is in my possession and 1 is in my parents. But what is the 3rd solution? I keep thinking about cloud storage, but the cost seems a bit much to me. It would cost me over $40 a month to store so much data in a smug mug vault. I have however found the Google accounts and the option to purchase 400 GB of storage for $100 a year, which does not sound bad.
Maybe I have a plan. I am going to keep 1 external drive at my home, another 1 at my parents home (who I visit once a week, so could update it every week – or monthly if that works better) and then cloud storage through Google for my third level. I already use Picasa for my file management, so when I add a new file I just need to pull it up to the cloud.
I guess I will give it a go and we will see if this solution works - got to love that DAM.

God Bless,

Monday, December 7, 2009

High Stress Over DAM

Ok, I am having DAM stress!

That's right, I said it.
DAM stands for Data Archival Management. I am not sure who coined that term, but I am experiencing stress from it. I believe I blogged early this year that I had over 20k pictures. That number is now got to be over 30k and I have added video to the mix so the Gigabytes of storage just keep growing and growing and my anxiety of storage and backups is growing just as quick. I believe it is Alex Lindsey who always says you should have 3 copies of anything for it to be properly backed up and that those 3 copies can not be in the same place. After having my house broken into a couple of months ago, you would have thought I would have learned...but no, I am still milling about debating about my strategy and what to do.
The highest point of stress for me right now is that I essentially have 1 copy on 1 external hard drive of a TON of my work. So if that drive goes bad, or burns, or whatever else, I am in deep molasses. Now that I am getting ready to go on a trip, I want to clean my SD cards, so can reuse them (oh yeah, I forgot that part, I have been buying SD cards like they are film or something, crazy I know). But I have to get my data backed up (in 3 places!).
Ok, I have to go rack my brain on this.
More to come....
God bless!

Amanda Griffin Smith