Tuesday, April 20, 2010

04 04 2010 - Easter

Meet my nephews, Will and Joseph, and my niece Colleen. They were my little models on Easter morning when I got this picture.
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04 03 2010 - Chimney Rock

Here is Chimney Rock at Lake Martin on an oddly quiet day. This summer it will very busy here and I may be able to get a picture of someone taking a dive off the rocks.
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04 02 2010 - Sunset 2

Here is how the light bounced back against the clouds after it ducked below the horizon. Amazing
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04 02 2010 - Sunset 1

Here is a dramatic sunset...check out the next post and what happened after the sun went down.
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04 01 2010 - And again...Oooppppssss

Sorry I missed again :)

03 31 2010 - Punch

I love this picture of my parent's dog Punch. His brother and long time companion had passed away before I grabbed this picture of him. His eyes were so expressive, I just love how he looks.
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03 30 2010 - Old Building

This abandoned building mars downtown Montgomery, but there is something about it that always grabs my attention. It is just so messy.
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03 29 2010 - Oops...I missed again!

No one said a 365 Photo blog would be easy!  I missed again :(

03 28 2010 - Tebow

Not a great picture, but I can not post one dog and not the other! These are my parent-in-law's children.
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03 28 2010 - Spud

Getting doggies to pay you attention can be challenging, but that is the best part of using digital cameras - you can snap so many that would should get a good picture!
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03 27 2010 - Simple Sailing

This is a simple fairly monochromatic photo, but I love the simplicity of it.
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03 26 2010 - Sunset at Gantt Lake

I love sunset pictures. Setting up on a tripod and dragging your shutter speed can help you get enough light in to add a little depth to your picture.
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03 24 2010 - At the Carwash

I don't know why, but I almost always have to pull my camera out when I am sitting in a car wash. It does not seem to make a great pic, so I do not know why I always do it. Hopefully this will be the only time I use one of these photos. Lesson to self - stop taking pictures of car washes and fire ;)
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03 23 2010 - Behind on Reading

Okay, I am noticing a theme here - more books ;) Here is my bedside reading stack....I may be a little behind, but notice what is on top - it is my camera manual. This is always a great read. If you get a DSLR camera, make the manual part of your bedtime reading because you will be amazed how many tools are crammed in that little machine.
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03 21 2010 - It's a Train...or not

The best part about a detour is that sometimes you come across things you other wise would not. This 'train' is one such example. While on a trip back from North Carolina, on a long interstate detour, my parents and I came across this old building that has been 'done up' to look like a train. Very creative!
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