Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chewacla State Park - Auburn, AL

Up first on my Alabama State Park mission, I tackled Chewacla State Park in Auburn, AL.  This state park is a great day trip and it is just a hop and a skip from that state capital, Montgomery.  When you enter the park, if you follow the main road all the way through, you will go to a scenic overlook at the top where you can hike down to some great water falls. 

The scenery is gorgeous and picturesque.  I had fun hiking the trails and snapping photos!

2011 - ROCK ON!

Alrighty - what a long break from blogging and posting!  I have been here all a long working and growing Pratts photography, just need to find the time to talk about :) 

So for 2011, I am on a mission to visit all the Alabama State Parks and to share my pictures from my adventures.  Stayed tuned to my site and to stay in the know and to track my progress. 

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