Friday, December 19, 2008

New Day

One of my two assignments this week was to photograph something that represents a new day. Well, let me think what could represent a new about a sunrise. Genius. So this morning I woke up at 4:00 am (I had fallen asleep at 2:00, so I was not thrilled with this early rising time), and it hit me - today is the day to catch a sunrise. I made myself a pot of coffee, looked up the sunrise times online and headed off. Only after I was headed up a road, and I am so embarrassed to admit this, I realized I did not have a compass and I really did not know which direction to really focus on. So I drove and drove and I just did not see anything that suited my fancy or that I was just really wanting to capture. The sunrise time came and passed, it was foggy, wet, and just dark out so I decided to head home without my shot. But, at the last moment I decided to head to a local pond to see if it would ever be a good shot sight. It is called, and I am not kidding Cooter's Pond. I had never been there, but when I arrived, I found the illusive sun I had been looking for. So although this photo is a little dark, it represents exactly what I went out to find, a new day.

God bless.