Sunday, February 28, 2010

02 28 2010 - Baby Joseph

Meet my nephew Joseph! He was born in November and all ready he has taken the camera. This picture was taken while be was being help in his Granddad's arms. I cropped it up and played with it to make it look a little more like a portrait. The colored version may be cuter, but I like to play with black and whites.
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02 27 2010 - Making Potatoes

I decided to take a picture while I was trying my hand at cooking. I am not a cook and to be honest, this was probably my first try at cooking potatoes. It went pretty well, but I am not sure if they make a good picture!
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Friday, February 26, 2010

02 26 2010 - A Perfect Day

This was the perfect sunrise this morning. The sun was coming up and it was so pretty reflecting light. I was shooting in fairly low light, but it was perfect to focus on the light that was coming up and reflecting off the clouds.
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02 25 2010 - Seymore and slow shutter

This is Seymore, my model cat. I took this photo while resting my camera on the coffee table in my living room so I could drag my shutter speed. I took this at f5.6 and 1.00 second for the shutter which is longer than I could ever hold still. This could have been a sharper image if I had set up on a tripod and used a remote. Even the press of a shutter can give a little blur to the image when you go slower than .60 seconds. The cute light flare is another Elements trick.
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2/24/2010 - My sidekick

This is my baby, SidaLeigh, and she is my constant companion - she is my sidekick. I took this photo early in the morning while she was sitting with me on the couch in my house. I gave the background a grain treatment with Elements and I softened her fur my lowering the sharpness.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

02/23/2010 My last year in my twenties - A photo 365

Well, I have finally reached the last year of my 20's. I am officially 29 years old, and I am oddly excited about it. For some reason I am looking forward to my 30's. I think it must be because I have seen so much changed and happen in the last 10 years that I am excited to see what 30 will bring. I do however want to remember and cherish this last year though so I am going to try to do a Photo 365 Blog. I have tried this once before and I failed misserably, but maybe this one will be better and I will make it more than a month!

So here is photo number 1 - it was my birthday cake at my party thrown by my parents. It was yummy, and the busyness of it made it kind of crazy cool looking. I shot it with my SB600 flash at f/3.8, 1/100 of a second, at ISO 200. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Snow Storm in Alabama

Today we got a rare treat in Alabama, we got SNOW!  If we get snow it  is usually just a dusting that does not stick, but this winter storm did good and it impressed.  Snow Storm of 2010!

By Amanda Griffin Smith