Tuesday, July 13, 2010

05 26 2010 - What is in focus?

Dandelions are a favorite weed of mine to take photos of. I layed in my yard to get to ground level to try to get a different view. I got one dandelion in focus, which made the photo a little different and to me more interesting. They are blurry cotton balls, with one sharp flower in focus.
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05 25 2010 - Turtle Power

This is my favorite nightlight. It sits on an entertainment center in my bedroom and I love the ambient light it gives off. I took this photo with my point and shoot camera and did a touch of color adjustment (keeping the light portion and fading the rest to black and white) to make the light pop. I love to keep a point and shoot camera in my bag so I can catch images like this one at any time.
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