Friday, February 26, 2010

02 26 2010 - A Perfect Day

This was the perfect sunrise this morning. The sun was coming up and it was so pretty reflecting light. I was shooting in fairly low light, but it was perfect to focus on the light that was coming up and reflecting off the clouds.
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02 25 2010 - Seymore and slow shutter

This is Seymore, my model cat. I took this photo while resting my camera on the coffee table in my living room so I could drag my shutter speed. I took this at f5.6 and 1.00 second for the shutter which is longer than I could ever hold still. This could have been a sharper image if I had set up on a tripod and used a remote. Even the press of a shutter can give a little blur to the image when you go slower than .60 seconds. The cute light flare is another Elements trick.
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2/24/2010 - My sidekick

This is my baby, SidaLeigh, and she is my constant companion - she is my sidekick. I took this photo early in the morning while she was sitting with me on the couch in my house. I gave the background a grain treatment with Elements and I softened her fur my lowering the sharpness.
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