Friday, January 30, 2009

Smiles - or Not

My assignment for myself this week was to capture a picture that represented 'Smiles'. Now normally that would probably mean a picture that had someone smiling or a smiling face shape. The picture I picked makes me smile becuase it is such the polar opposite of a smile. My nephew was having fun in his swing, but he looks like a member of the mob.

This was taken with my little Coolpix. I needed to probably have it on the action setting, that may have made it a little clearer.

God Bless!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Missing my D80

Today I finally dropped my baby (my Nikon D80) off at the local camera store to get its sensor cleaned. They told me it might be four days before I get it back, which feels like a hundred years. I have been very successful in taking pictures everyday since the 1st, and it was really becoming a habit. I have a little Coolpix that I am shooting with now so I keep up the action, but it is not the same…at all…seriously. When I got my D80 last year for Christmas (and by last year, I mean year before last – 2007) I just dropped any point and shoot camera usage to nothing. All I have used has been a D-SLR, except maybe a few lame pictures of myself with a camera phone just for the heck of it. I did not realize what I had at my finger tips and just how versatile a SLR really is. I shoot in manual mode about 90% of the time meaning that I pick my Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO setting for every shot. I have ultimate control, and consequently I take a lot of pathetic pictures, but when I get a good one it is so rewarding. On my Coolpix, I am at the mercy of what the camera sees and what it records and that is pretty much it. There are no real artistic options to it. I drove around today to try to get ideas of things to go and shoot once I get my D80 back and to keep my shooting rhythm. I got lost a few times, but I found my way. I did notice that I was more willing to stop and shoot with the little point and shoot camera. It is so much easier to use without drawing attention to yourself, or so it feels. That is one advantage I guess to using a good ole point and shoot. However, that does not make me miss a SLR any less. I think this brief separation will help me be more determined than ever to take quality pictures when I get the camera back. I a mean time I will do the best I can to get a great picture with what I have!
God Bless

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I ate too much

Just a funny, I thought my washing machine looked like it was sick! :)~

Angel on your Wing

I caputured this pic in a cemetary in Montgomery.
I have to give credit to a lady in my last photo class who
had taken a similiar picture. I thought it was so pretty that
I wanted to try to shoot it also. I caught the vapor cloud
from a jet that had flown overhead. I love the color and I thought it was a cool pic.

Topic for last week: Learning

Last week I wanted to take a picture that would represent 'Learning'. I had to take my SPHR exam. I had to study, study, study and I wanted to capture the momenet somehow. I was sitting at my computer desk when I saw the moment to capture. I noticed that the sun was coming in and shining through the blinds onto my paper and my book. I stood up in my chair and took a picture of it.

This weeks Pratts assignment is to capture something that shows 'smiles'.

God Bless!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009


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Happy Sunday to you! It has been another fun week of me doing, well nothing really. I am looking back on my week trying to figure out where it went and what I did, but not a ton comes to mind. I did however have a chance to take some pictures last week. In fact, I have been able to take pictures every day this year so far (keep your fingers crossed!). If I make it through January, and I take a picture every day then I will make it a ‘resolution’ to take a picture every day.

Last week I gave myself an assignment to get a picture of something that represented ‘fitness’. I had the pleasure of running (and walking…a little…okay a lot!) my first 5k this past Saturday. At the conclusion of the race, I took a ton of pictures of the racers and of the runners that were going to run in a 1-mile race. I think the picture I choose from this can represent ‘fitness’.

Next weekend, I will be traveling to North Carolina to visit with my Grandparents (my Dad’s Mom and Dad), so next week I will have a picture that represents ‘Grandparents’.
God Bless!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My little assignment last week was to shoot some fireworks. I did not have access to a professional show, but my hubby and his brother gave me their version (which I really did appreciate, and I know I laughed a lot more than I would have at a big production – you know, “Hurry up get out of the way, your going to get blown up”). I took this photo handholding my Nikon D80 with the shutter on ‘Bulb’. The exposure could not have been but for a second or two. Since the fireworks were shooting out of a canister on the ground, it made it fairly easy to get some of the action (except when we had to run for cover because of that weird firework that took off like a UFO and flew toward us, that makes picture taking kind of hard). I would like to make it to a big firework show sometime this year and set up on a tripod and get some really crisp clean shots. But hey, this will have to do for now.

My assignment this week is to get a picture of something that represents fitness. Hmmm that sounds scary. I don’t think the vanilla cappuccino I am sipping would qualify. My scales? Who knows!

I was listing to my favorite podcast, This Week in Photography, and the team there was talking about their New Years Resolutions in regards to taking Pictures for 2009 (check them out at Their resolutions ran the gamut from organizing their files to taking more diverse photos. I want to make a resolution (even though I swore off resolutions) but I am scarred I won’t be able to do it, so I am hesitant. I am thinking about making a resolution to take a picture every day this year. With some exceptions of course, like my sensor is dirty so some time this week I have to drop off my camera for a professional cleaning. Hmmmm I will think on it and see if I can put that commitment out there. Maybe a resolution to shot 250 days this year….more to come.
Happy picture taking and God Bless!