Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Software

Well, I am making the move to use new software in my digital work flow.  After leaning heavily on a combo of Picasa and Elements, I am making the move to Lightroom 3 for my initial processing and organization.  It will be a HUGE move because I am going to be moving relocating about 40k picture files...I hope I have a ton of patience!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watch and Wait

I have a major desire for some new gear.  I have been shooting with the same camera since the end of 2006 and even though I love it....I am wanting to try something new.  The suprising thing is that I am not really 'upgrading' in the traditional way.  The camera I want is similiar to the Nikon D80 I shoot with now.  It is the new Nikon D7000.  I wanted a Nikon D300s, but it seems that mist photographers are going to have to have video cabalitily in the future and teh D7000 shoots high def video.  Right now I am just in the process of deciding, but who knows - maybe I will have some new gear coming my way.