Friday, October 26, 2012

The Need, The Need for Speed

The cameras that I use both take SD cards.  I know, I know – the pros use compact flash – well not this lady!  I love the size and convenience of SD cards, and well, I love the price!  They are super cheap!  On my Nikon D7000, a 16gb card is only about 500 photos ( I shoot large RAW files), so I can run through cards super quick.  I like that when I have a big job, at the end, I can keep the card as an extra back up and just buy a new one.  One thing though to be careful of with SD cards, make sure the write speed is fast enough.  It was a rookie mistake that it took me a while to figure out, but a slow card will mean that you could miss great shots while your camera tries to push data to your card.  A write speed of 2 is out of the question for me.  It cannot keep up with any form of rapid fire shooting.  My preference is a write speed of 10.  That is labeled ‘professional’ on most SD packaging.  It works great for me, but I think probably a 6 or higher would work for most people.  Just a tip that I took the long and slow way around to learn!