Monday, March 8, 2010

03 03 2010 - Callie

Big yawn from Callie at my house. I had a reflector on the white side and I bounced a flash off it into her mouth.
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03 02 2010 - Sida again

So when I am at a loss of what to shoot or just laying around, my pets are always around and they end up being my subjects. Here is SidaLeigh again, wrapped up in my snuggie!
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03 01 2010 - The Cross

This cross hangs on my cross wall in my home office. I have a collection of ornate crosses that are all grouped together and my collection started with this one. This was the first one that I got from my Grandma in Mississippi. I love it.

The picture was just a quick snap. I think I had the on camera flash on, but I jazzed it up with Elements to make it look at little different.
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