Sunday, April 25, 2010

04 22 2010 - Sida at Slumber

Just for the record, I got in trouble with the husband for this one! My little dog SidaLeigh loves to sneak into my bed after I get up in the morning. She knows she is not really supposed to do it, so when I catch her she goes limp and lets me move her around however I want. This allowed me to tuck her in and prop her up for this cute photo.

04 21 2010 - Sucker for Flowers

This image was of a poppy that was blooming in my garden. I named the photo Sucker for Flowers because that is what I am. I love them and I love to photograph them. I got this image while I was sitting out in dusk trying to get bird photos. My ISO was cranked up to 500, which to be honest is a little strong for me. I like 100 and that is, but when that is not an option I try to never go as high as 500 because my images get a little too much grain in them. This is a prime example, but since I am a sucker for flowers, I had to try get the picture even if it meant getting a little grain with it

04 20 2010 - Precious Angel

A simple yard statue can have some drama and be touching if you take time to look at your surroundings. How many times do we walk by precious and special things without even taking stock of them. This garden statue is such an item. It was at my mother’s house. It could have been sitting there for a day or for 10 years and I would not know the difference, but when I really looked I saw how pretty it really was. Take time to really see what is in your environment, you may be surprised like I was at what you find. 

04 19 2010 - And I loose credit again

No excuse this day, I just did not take any pictures.

04 18 2010 - I did take photos, I promise

Okay, I took a bunch of pictures but all just documentary (my father-in-law's birthday party).  Even though I don't think he would mind if  I posted some, I am not going to.  So I get credit because I did take the pictures right? 
To be honest, I took them with my point and shoot camera.  Sometimes convenience overcomes art!

04 17 2010 - Ducks in Flight

This is why I do not delete images in camera. This was an impulsive grab of my camera after two ducks came flying by a pier I was sitting on. I grabbed my camera and snapped - knowing it was a mess. When I saw it a little bigger though, I loved it! This is a picture that I could seen blown up and put on canvas and made into a piece of art, which may be just what I do with it!
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