Sunday, January 11, 2009


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Happy Sunday to you! It has been another fun week of me doing, well nothing really. I am looking back on my week trying to figure out where it went and what I did, but not a ton comes to mind. I did however have a chance to take some pictures last week. In fact, I have been able to take pictures every day this year so far (keep your fingers crossed!). If I make it through January, and I take a picture every day then I will make it a ‘resolution’ to take a picture every day.

Last week I gave myself an assignment to get a picture of something that represented ‘fitness’. I had the pleasure of running (and walking…a little…okay a lot!) my first 5k this past Saturday. At the conclusion of the race, I took a ton of pictures of the racers and of the runners that were going to run in a 1-mile race. I think the picture I choose from this can represent ‘fitness’.

Next weekend, I will be traveling to North Carolina to visit with my Grandparents (my Dad’s Mom and Dad), so next week I will have a picture that represents ‘Grandparents’.
God Bless!