Wednesday, April 21, 2010

04 15 2010 - Flair as Art

I had blogged a while back about flair (those bright spots of light that look like imperfections in photos) and if it could be artistic or not. I try to get flair in some of my photos on purpose because I just like what it does to the picture and I feel it adds a touch of mystery to the photos.
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04 14 2010 - Yep, I missed another one

My bad my bad

04 13 2010 - Joseph

Just a precious baby. A candid moment after a bath.
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04 12 2010 - A Mess Up I liked

It happens, I blow photos all the time, but it seems like sometimes those off the wall mistakes are more interesting. I wanted to capture a picture of these flowers, but I jerked the camera when my cat got in on the action. I thought that this was a horrible shot, but it actually became my favorite of the bunch. That is one reason why I almost never delete photos in my camera. You never know what you may get until you see it on the 'big' screen.
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04 11 2010 - Harder than it Looks

I know some people can photography flying insects. This big bumble bee took several several snaps to try to get a clean photo of him (or her). It was much harder than I thought it would be to take a picture of a bee.
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04 10 2010 - A Fleeting Dogwood Bloom

Dogwoods seem to come and go so quickly so I always try to capture their delicate blooms while they are out and pure white. Now, the tree this was taken of is solid green without a touch of white. But that is why I love photographs, they let you save moments.
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04 09 2010 - Three for one

I am getting good. I will totally catch up my handful of missed days at this rate :) So here are two pictures that show the differences between color and black and white. Both are striking in their own way.

The last photo was of the duckies being shy and hiding - even ducks can be difficult subjects.

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04 08 2010 - Two for one?

Okay, can I make up with missed days by posting extra photos? Hmmm? That okay? I hope so - I think that is the plan.

This flower was growing in the wild. I bumped the aperture up so I could get the blown out background and I went for an angle to try to add to the drama.

The other, is a blue-eyed duck. As I posted on Facebook I never knew that ducks could have blue eyes, but then again I don't think I ever thought about it.
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04 07 2010 - Best of the far

Okay, this is my favorite picture in a long long time. This one was taken off the exit going to my house over I-65 in Alabama.
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04 05 2010 - Photo Drive

When I need to de-stress and relax, I like to go on long photo drives. This was a quick during lunch drive and I found an obscure road with a nice bridge over this scene. All the green is a bit much, but that is why I like it.
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