Monday, May 10, 2010

04 29 2010 - 1 Photo 2 Ways

When I take photos using the RAW format, I love being able to tweak and change the pictures to what I want.  This is an example of one image that has strong clarity and the other has very low.  There is a dramatic difference between the two using just one adjustment. 

04 28 2010 - Stand Strong

I named this piece "Stand Strong" because as we all know dandelions are very delicate when they open and fluff out, but they hold on as long as they can to each delicate piece.
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04 27 2010 - I Heart You

Just a little love coming from some flowers that had bloomed and were on their last leg. There were piles of azalea blooms under their bushes after a storm, so I scooped them up and started playing with them.

04 26 2010 The Brick Wall

This is a quote from Randy Pauch, the professor who is known for "The Last Lecture". He shared a lot of wisdom during his too short life. This is one of my favorite quotes.
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