Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lesson 2 Continued

Suggestion of Thirds:  I love that Mr. Fortney calls this the suggestion and not a rule (which is what it is normally called).  The basics around the rule of thirds it to off set your image.  If you image there are 9 segments to your image (made up of three horizontal lines and three vertical lines) the points where they segment are the areas you make like your subject to be.  (google: rule of thirds if my description boogles the mind). 

This image is a great example of using the rule of third. It adds depth and interest.  If the deer were in the middle, it would be a deer in the middle.  But because the deer is off to the left, it causes the mind to want to wander off and think about the deer and the woods and were it may be going, etc.  There is power in the 'suggestion' of thirds. 

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