Saturday, November 3, 2012


I am scared to death of snakes.  Twice I have photographed snakes.  That makes a lot of sense right!  The most recent time, I was at a State Park in Panama City, Florida.  I was walking down a long planked walk way toward and alligator pond when something went streaking across my path.  I thought it was a stick, but then I saw it was a little snake!  I freaked out, did a little scared dance and then….jumped off the path and went after it.  Yeah, when you love taking pictures you do that kind of thing!  The little fellow was so stinking cute (for a creepy snake of course) that I snapped away, until I heard a growl sound from the woods beside me; that was when I remembered I was standing by an alligator pond in the first place and I wished the snake luck and hot footed it out of there. Got to love it!      

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